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LEON: Body & Soul (2017)

Body Soul LeonFrench multi-instrumentalist and producer Leon takes no prisoners on new EP Body & Soul, appropriately enough since he shares a name with Luc Besson’s cinema hitman. The seven tracker cuts a blistering mod, psych, surf, and jazzy path through instrumental party breakbeat territory as our man pits his guitar chops against uptempo and vaguely Propellerheads-ish beats. This is rawer

LEON: Supafonkadelica (2016)

Supafonkadelica LeonSupafonkadelica marks Leon‘s first outing in a year with an all-original nufunk four-tracker on which he brings Donnie Ozone along to fill lyrical holes in the title track and People Like Fashion. The first of these parties like Prince while the latter louchely suns itself by the pool of pop camply referencing an undisclosed high fashion fiend. The balance of tracks is made up by fusion-style Moog-

LEON: School Of Groove (2014)

School Of Groove LeonOK – quiet now please, School Of Groove has begun! Thank you at the back – just because I’m not looking at you, it doesn’t mean I can’t see what you’re doing! Ok, so today’s lesson is all about Leon whose intention is to educate you all in the ways of jazz-funk influenced breakbeat instrumentals. Some of you may be familiar with this sort of concept from the recent Astronaut