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LEO: Dreams (Scour Records Freemix) (2015) Free download

Dreams LeoSixties psychedelic bands fall asleep beneath the flowers for a couple of hour-er -decades at your peril – lest someone re-imagine your biggest hit as a monstrous glitch breaks number. Like Leo does here of course on Dreams with that hit from Wallace Collection for one half of the latest Freemix action from Scour Records. Said antics are double-teamed with Lovin’, a bit of glitchy disco

SCOUR RECORDS: Freemixed Nuts Vol. 2 (2014)

Freemixed Nuts Vol. 2 Scour RecordsIt’s that time of the year when Scour Records show their love for all the love they’ve been receiving end during the rest of the year with Freemixed Nuts Vol. 2. How do they do this? Why (if the label logo is a clue at any rate) by delivering classic cuts (or ‘nuts’, if you will) into the scrabbling clawed hands and rodent-like teeth of various artists signed to the label. Kinky. Father Funk is

SCOUR RECORDS: Freemixed Nuts (2013) Free download

If Fat Harry‘s PR blah is anything to go by, Scour Records and its associated acts and employees wallow permanently in a festering pit of pan-sexual deviance. By way of seasonal celebration they drag an unsuspecting (and for ‘unsuspecting’ read ‘completely unaware’) Leo Sayer, Stevie Wonder, Prince and Dame Shirley Bassey into their sweaty embrace in order to give them a relatively mild

SCOUR RECORDS: Scoured Cream Vol. 3 (2013)

Third time’s the charm as Vol. 3 of Scoured Cream wobbles all the way to the bank not to mention, on past form, all the way to the top of Juno’s breakbeat chart, if that hasn’t happened already. It wouldn’t be a Scour release if it began without a glitch though and this one is no exception as J-Sound steps up with the swinging Glitch Up Funk Right which encapsulates the retro wobble flavour