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ERIC BOSS: Bad Luck Rating: ★★★★★ “If it wasn’t for bad luck/ I wouldn’t have no luck at all,” muses Eric Boss on new single Bad Luck craftily channeling an everyman vibe as old as the blues genes in funk and soul’s bloodline. It’s not just the classic simplicity of the hook that appeals either; there’s the raw drums, the sparse blaxploitation wah-wah guitar, the pulsing bass on the verses, the horns

THE IMPELLERS: Do What I Wanna Do/ Signs Of Hope And Happiness (2013) + video

Brighton funk crew The Impellers release a wax double header this week. That’ll be uptempo, piano-tinkling shaker Do What I Wanna Do on the one side and urbane slowie Signs Of Hope And Happiness on the flip. Do What I Wanna Do also comes with its own video. With a title like that, I’d have expected it to depict the band engaged in any number of hedonistic, debauched activities. What