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BOUGEE BANDOLINI: Champion EagleLike breakbeat? Like dancehall? Like Steve Miller? Boy are you in luck for Bougee Bandolini have got you well and truly covered! Or at least remixers DiscObeta and Temponauts have got you covered with two remixes of Bandolini cut Champion Eagle. First up is the DiscObeta version which delivers a raucous Buju Banton vocal over a loose and grooving slab of breakbeat carved from Miller’s Fly

DISCOBETA: Breakin The Rulz

DISCOBETA: Breakin The RulzBreakin’ The Rulz (and I’m not just talking about spelling conventions), it’s Discobeta! Not for them sending promo out before release! Here is a duo that rock out with their cocks out and play dangerous – this dropped on 19 November after all. But never mind all that, what you need to know is that all the beats on this seven-tracker are originally composed and played and that (along


DISCOBETA: Sparks EPIt’s been a while since the monkey has heard from production duo Discobeta but it looks like they’ve been keeping themselves busy and here’s the proof – their brand new Who Got The Sparks EP. Who got the sparks? Name sounds a bit like Black Moon’s Ronnie Laws-sampling ’93 Who Got The Props doesn’t it? As does the track itself come to that since all three cuts on the EP find Discobeta