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LEBROSK vs. DELIMENTARY: Double Trouble EP (2013)

Rating: ★★★★★ “I say, what’s that sound Holmes?”

DELimentary my dear Watson. It is simplicity itself to recognise his signature breaks style on his contribution to the new Double Trouble EP from Radical Mixtape Recordings!”

“Indeed Holmes, when you put it like that, it all seems so obvious and yet I struggled at first to place it though I believe my ears to be quite as

TRU FUNK: Nu Party Breaks Vol. 6 (2013)

It’s Tru Funk Nu Party Breaks time again people – and here’s Vol. 6 already. Prepare yourself for re-funked breakbeat exploitation of The Supremes, DMX, Quad City DJs and David Bowie from Cez 14 & Dastardly Kuts, Dick Diamond, DJ Czech and Essex Groove respectively plus a synth-led slab of refried eighties funk featuring god only knows what vocals culled from Morlack‘s warehouse-sized

LEBROSK: You Got To Love (2012) Free download

It’s been a while since Lebrosk has featured in an MB post but it would be rude not to publicise his hands in the air mash-up of Black Box’s cover of You Got The Love with Belarussian producer Bahamat Den Swimmer‘s Once I Had Love. It’s all about the love, see. Well more of an juice-splattered orgy of sources really since Black Box’s You Got The Love was about the millionth cover of

TOTALCULT vs. LEBROSK: Dope Horn EP – 2011

I had the dope horn once…but let’s talk about this cheekily titled EP instead, which is all set to give the nu funk scene the Pot Noodle horn. Basically, Lebrosk gives King Bee’s old school hip-hop single Back By Dope Demand a damn good seeing to while TotalCult gets busy on a track I should definitely know but can only remember having been sampled by Ugly Duckling. And then they get kinky on each other’s shit. Makes you proud to be British doesn’t it?

LEBROSK: ‘I Know You Got Ooh Wee’ – free download

London-based Lebrosk goes public with this mashup of his that he’s just refixed – for which read it’s got a new 2 bar intro to facilitate beat-matching. Absolutely no prizes for working out the constituent parts – if you don’t know you must have a soul deficit. Lebrosk has a monthly show on Ramp FM dropping funky breaks and bootlegs