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ACEYALONE: ‘Leanin On Slick’ video (2013)

Here’s the video to the title track and lead single off what is shaping up to be one of the monkey’s favourite LPs of 2013 – Aceyalone‘s Leanin’ on Slick. Expect to find the Freestyle Fellowship rapper, slightly greyer in the beard but still tight on the mic, propping up a barrio bar, chain smoking and downing endless shots of rum whilst holding forth about what people will sell their soul for –

ACEYALONE: Leanin’ On Slick (2013)

Rating: ★★★★★ Sniffing at the heels of the recently unveiled title track comes Aceyalone‘s latest full-length project Leanin’ On Slick. It finds the Freestyle Fellowship rapper continuing to reinvent retro-hop with the assistance (once more) of producer Bionik. Where the former album favoured Motown and doo-wop flavours however, this sees Acey return to the fine tradition of funky/ soulful

ACEYALONE: ‘Leanin On Slick’ single & album update (2013)

(Full album review HERE) Heads up, Aceyalone’s back next month in fine style with a thirteen track LP, Leanin On Slick which only features Cee-Lo Green, BIONIK and Daniel Merriweather! For those not up to speed with Acey, let’s put it like this: he used to rap in West Coast underground legends Freestyle Fellowship and dropped one of the best freestyle deliveries I ever saw, acapella, on Kevin Fitzgerald’s