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KUHJO: Habanera Swing (2015)

Habanera Swing Kuhjo digitalRating: ★★★★★ Here’s a well-deserved and long overdue digital release for Kuhjo‘s 2011 seven inch latin hip-hop booty drop Habanera Swing. Anyone who caught it on wax will know that this application of Afro Rican vox to a latin beat is hotter than snorting ground Scotch Bonnet peppers off the breasts of a Cuban lap dancer during a climate-change induced heatwave in

KUHJO: Habanera Swing/ Lazy Finley – 7” single – 2011

Rating: ★★★★★
Mind your fingers when you pick up your copy of this since it’s hot in every way possible. And you will want a copy. Only to be available on limited 7”, what we have here is the mysterious Kuhjo’s grand entrance to the cheeky mash-up arena armed with some ridiculously heavy weaponry.