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DJ INKO: Carnibal Records 012 (2015)

Carnibal 012 DJ InkoRating: ★★★★★ Carnibal ensure that 2015 gets another shot of latin breaks before the dt’s set in and this time hand the syringe over to DJ Inko. You may have previously come across some of Inko’s forays into the world of hip-hop booty edits but it turns out that he is yet another example of a Greek who seems to have an unnatural facility with the music of South and Central America. Well

DAYTONER: Sunburst Radio (2012)

Penzance calling! This is what happens when you spend three years locked in a shed above the radioactive granite of Cornwall. The PR has it that Daytoner’s Sunburst Radio is a, “retro-ride through Latin American, Blues, Jazz, Swing and Motown rhythms, underpinned by dance floor break beats, linked by valve-age voices” and that’s pretty much spot on. Our man conjures a combination of

VOODOOFUNK: My Latin Way EP (2012) Free download

I don’t know if Voodoofunk has travelled each and every Latin highway but here is his My Latin Way and you won’t find me complaining. There might have been an explosion in latin breaks over the past year or two but it still hasn’t lost any of its exotic charm. In fact if you’d decided to make a latin breaks track, I think you’d have to try quite hard to fuck it up. Voodoofunk’s done three and he