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MEGATIVE: Have Mercy

MEGATIVE:  Have MercyDid you catch Don Letts blasting Megative over the airwaves the other day? No? You’re missing out. The debut album hasn’t arrived yet but following previous singles More Time, Can’t Do Drugz (Like I Used To) and One Day…All This Will Be Gone, fourth single, Have Mercy has. On it the Brooklyn-based dub-meets-Two-Tone collective (which numbers amongst its members

MEGATIVE: One Day…All This Will Be Gone + Live in-studio video

MEGATIVE:  One Day...All This Will Be Gone + Live in-studio videoWith the release of third single One Day…All This Will Be Gone, Megative confirm their twin missions to deliver the sound of The Specials-as-produced-by-Massive-Attack whilst single-handedly propelling the evergreen Merc, Fred Perry and Ben Sherman labels right back to the forefront of fashion. Naturally the sort of claustrophobic dub vibe propagated by Daddy G, 3D et al doesn’t

MEGATIVE: More Time (DUBMATIX remix and dubs)(2017)

MEGATIVE:  More Time (DUBMATIX remix and dubs)(2017)“Oh, I never gave a fuck about the youth I wasted/ I thought I had more time,” sang Megative’s Tim Fletcher (formerly of The Stills) on the band’s mournful reggae anthem More Time back in the summer. Check the video and you’ll see this multi-racial band channelling The Specials in their parkas, Fred Perrys and Sta-Prest slacks adopting a suitably haunting early 80s vibe. As