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SCOUR RECORDS: Scoured Cream Vol. 4 (2014)

Scoured Cream Vol. 4Consider the number four for a moment: the number of the great elements – earth, air, fire and water; the number of ‘noble truths’ in the Buddhist philosophy and the number of letters in the Tetragrammaton. Oh and now also the number of the forthcoming volume of Scour RecordsScoured Cream series. And its name shall be Scoured Cream Vol. 4 – and the number of tracks

LAKESHORE DRIVE: Disco Strut (The remixes) (2013)

Ooohhh! Time for a makeover! In this case for Disco Strut, the ‘other’ original track, from Lakeshore Drive‘s summer 2012 drop Living The Funk EP – and it seems Gok Wan didn’t get the call. Perhaps because Disco Strut isn’t at all the camp wiggle-along that its name implies – indeed the original was rather more of a JB’s-influenced

LAKESHORE DRIVE: Living The Funk EP (2012)

Living the funk? James Brown lived the funk and frankly there was a fair amount of drugs, wife-beating and jail involved. I think it’s safe to assume however that Lakeshore Drive’s Living The Funk EP is a celebration of the music invented by the big man than the more questionable elements of his lifestyle. The title track is a tight little slice of programmed instrumental breakbeat funk with a