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ALDO VANUCCI feat. KYLIE AULDIST: You're All Show (FLEVANS remix)Seems it’s finally time for You’re All Show, the Kylie Auldist-featuring highlight from Aldo Vanucci’s recent Digging For A Living album to get a single release and it’s accompanied by a Flevans remix. The big band funk sound of the original has actually been floating around since 2012 when it first appeared on Vanucci’s Love Is Loops EP (so you must know how dope it is by now!) and, sadly, it still isn’t out on 45 as this is a digi-only release

COOKIN’ ON 3 BURNERS: One Of The Ones feat. KYLIE AULDIST/ Force Of Nature feature FALLON WILLIAMS (Vinyl 7″)

COOKIN' ON 3 BURNERS: One Of The Ones feat. KYLIE AULDIST/ Force Of Nature feature FALLON WILLIAMSOf course if you’re one of Oz’s two biggest funk-soul bands, you’ll want to have some sort of vinyl out around the time of Record Store Day, and if you’re Cookin’ On 3 Burners, you might well want to make it two vocal cuts off your recent Lab Experiments Vol. 2 album featuring two of your biggest vocalist collaborators. And so it is that we get soul warmth and heartache from Kylie Auldist

ALDO VANUCCI feat. KYLIE AULDIST: Get A Hold On This + remixes

The latest single to be taken from Aldo Vanucci’s party-bumpin’ second LP, Diggin For A Living, is the Kylie Auldist-featuring, neo-northern soul stomping Get A Hold On This, which comes with a remix package so groovalicious, it might as well be called ‘Get A Hold Of This’. First up are The Allergies who, presumably figuring it would be hard to make things even more stomping, get a

BASEMENT FREAKS feat. KYLIE AUDLIST: White Hot/ JOHN TURRELL: Won’t Get Fooled Again (BASEMENT FREAKS remix)(Vinyl 7″)

Yet another 45 on the way and this time it’s double funky action from the Jalapeno Records camp with a Basement Freaks and Kylie Auldist collab. on the one hand and a Basement Freaks remix of a John Turrell cut on t’other. The first cut sees Mr Freaks simplify the squelchy jangling JB’s-style beat of two year old album number White Hot from his Time Machine LP into something more

DEEP STREET SOUL: Come Alive! (2016)

Come Alive Deep Street SoulRating: ★★★★★ Melbourne-based Deep Street Soul‘s brand of garage-rock tinged funky soul has been a firm MB favourite since the band’s classic cover of the MC5’s Kick Out The Jams rocked up in the monkey’s inbox all the way back in 2009. In the intervening years they’ve put out two LPs, acquired themselves a full-time soul queen singer in the form of Mighty May Johson and been

ALDO VANUCCI feat. KYLIE AULDIST, BOO & STONE KAWALA: Love Is Loops Vol. 2 (2013) + ‘Something Bout The Dub’ free download

Rating: ★★★★★ October’s depressing isn’t it? By the time those thirty-one days are up, it’s cold as piss, feral teenagers have burnt your house down because you didn’t give them a ‘treat’ on Halloween and the nights are longer. Happily though, there’s a shining beacon amid the misery – namely that the start of the month will be greeted by Plymouth’s 14th best dj, Aldo Vanucci who follows up his

ALDO VANUCCI feat. KYLIE AULDIST & A.S.M: Love Is Loops EP (2012)

Rating: ★★★★★
The title of the forthcoming EP from Plymouth’s 14th best dj, Aldo Vanucci, would suggest that he loves loops. Now I’ve heard it, I love Aldo. In fact I think I might even want to bum him a bit for first track You’re All Show which enlists Oz soul sister Kylie Auldist. Actually, I might want to bum her too. Ostensibly the lyrics tear a new one for some preening tosser but in actuality it’s a

THE BAMBOOS: 4 – 2010 – Album review + Free download ‘Tears In The Rain’

Rating: ★★★★½

While Australian band The Bamboos seem to have struggled with an album name for this one they have, as usual, had considerably less trouble with the funk. Keen perusers of this site may have noticed the massive big-ups that On The Sly a.k.a. the first single (and also the first track) from this, The Bamboos fourth studio LP, has been getting over the last couple of months. And rightly so, for it is a massive slinky funk beast featuring the band’s secret weapon in the form of sultry vocalist Kylie Auldist who sings on most of the best tracks on 4. On The Sly is the highlight among highlights but also on offer is the gorgeous, moody, loping funk-soul of Ghost, the muscular jazz-funk of Got To Get It Over (by which I was surprised to find myself won over) and King’s Cross – which is apparently not about a dodgy area in London of the same name (or even a dodgy area in Sydney come to that) but a gritty slice of spy-funk. In fact (now a full-time member of The Bamboos’ line-up) Auldist appears on no fewer than seven of twelve tracks and demonstrates equal facility, by turns, across a range of sub-genres which (other than those mentioned above) also include more seventies-influenced numbers like Keep Me In Mind, the early Motown-ish Never Be The Girl and firmly establishes herself as right up there with a certain Sharon Jones. Naturally this means that there are far fewer of the instrumentals that characterised earlier Bamboos LPs – especially when you consider that two of the remaining five on here are also vocal tracks. One of these is a blinder of a mod soul gem featuring King Merc who hails from Tonga and sounds a bit like Paul Weller. The other is a collabo with Quannum Projects luminary Lyrics Born who squanders the perfectly decent funky backing provided by the ‘Boos with a dull virtually one-note ‘melody’ where he moans on about how some chick he fancies hasn’t called him back. I’m not surprised. If it was up to me, I’d have buried this at the back of the album as a ‘special feature’ of a cd release only. All of which shenanigans leaves three instrumentals with the trippy sitar funk of Up On The Hill being far and away the best.
I’ve always thought that the Bamboos’ best tracks have always been ones with vocals – Step It Up, Bring It Home, My Baby’s Cheating and Tears Cried to name but a few. Each release has included at least one classic of modern funk and the vocal element has increased with successive albums – which on the evidence of this continues to be a highly successful manoeuvre as 4 is pretty much what the funky doctor ordered. Just don’t invite Lyrics Born back unless he’s packed a tune eh?
(Released 29 March on Tru Thoughts)
DOWNLOAD LP track Like Tears In Rain FREE HERE

Listen to The Bamboos – On The Sly/ Turn It Up

The Bamboos – Myspace


THE BAMBOOS: On The Sly (feat. Kylie Auldist) – 2009 – Single review + Video

Rating: ★★★★★

(Read full album review of Bamboos’ LP 4 HERE)
A well-deserved full marks for On The Sly (LISTEN/ WATCH below) as The ‘Boos get downright sexy with this massive slice of super-heavy funk-slink punctuated by colossal hammond stabs and fronted by an ultra-sultry Kylie Auldist who trounces her own last single with ease. But enquiring minds want to know – is Auldist (listed in the press release as ‘regular guest vocalist’ but band ‘member’ on bamboos.com) a band member or not? The monkey would hate to get that wrong after the last spat with Cookin’ On 3 Burners’ number one publici- er I mean fan…
…Flipside Turn It Up (currently available as a digital download – LISTEN HERE), on the other hand, finds Lance and co. providing a meaty flatbed of funk for former Quannum rapper Lyrics Born who squanders both this and his own highly respectable soul rasp somewhat with a fairly limited melody and thus fails quite to recapture the glory days of his late 90s Poets Of Rhythm collab I Changed My Mind. Doesn’t matter, you’ll be replaying the A-side ad nauseum anyway – check the vid below. Heads up for fourth album – er – 4 due March.
(Out on Tru Thoughts 8 February 2010)
The Bamboos – Myspace

KYLIE AULDIST: It’s On/ Made Of Stone – 2009 – Single review

Rating: ★★★½☆

The gorgeous voice of Kylie Auldist (which sounds better than ever on this) plus funky backing from The Bamboos on the lead single off forthcoming second LP Made Of Stone ought to be soul gold. And yet, while not underwhelmed, I’m not exactly overwhelmed by either It’s On or Made Of Stone. More, kind of…just…whelmed. So what’s up? It’s the tunes stupid! Maybe a year between albums wasn’t long enough for our Kylie? Maybe The Bamboos spread themselves too thin being – um – themselves, doing backing for Ms Auldist and a few of them moonlighting as Cookin On 3 Burners. Or maybe everyone involved on this just switched on cruise control and popped out for a stubby…who knows?
Out now on Tru Thoughts

Listen to Kylie Auldist – It’s On/ Made Of Stone

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