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KURE feat. LONE NINJA: Suicide Run

KURE feat. LONE NINJA:  Suicide RunThe suicide run eh? We’ve all been there. Though admittedly not in the company of Lone Ninja who ensures on this that Oz producer Kure is covered all the way to the end of his beat with full tactical lyrical support. What’s that Lone? “Your twenty henchmen with dying scourge guns blaze/ From deadly mission, yo, I emerge unscathed.” Why – that’s perfect – it’ll be the ninja training one

KURE feat. LONE NINJA: Spycraft (2017)

Spycraft Kure Lone NinjaRating: ★★★★★ News just in – hip-hop’s hardest-working hitman, Lone Ninja, has surfaced once more with a guest appearance on new cut Spycraft from the forthcoming Kure LP The Gauntlet and it’s a musical match made in heaven. Kure clearly understands the oeuvre of the ninja – appreciating that a sombre strings loop lends much more