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Rating: ★★★★★  You know Krash Slaughta right? The man behind the recent wildly successful DOOM/Sugacubes mash-up LP Sugar-Coated DOOM, not to mention his unofficial remixes of the Wu’s K.R.E.A.M. and P.L.O. Style and collab. 45 with Phill Most Chill, Rebel Base? ‘Is he at it again?’ the monkey hears you ask. Yes, he is at it again, though the closest of the the three

KRASH SLAUGHTA: K.R.E.A M. b/w P.L.O. Style (Vinyl 7″)

KRASH SLAUGHTA: K.R.E.A M. b/w P.L.O. StyleRating: ★★★★★ Sometimes things are so hot they burn a hole in your pocket. Like the new Krash Slaughta 45. Maybe people should put some C.R.E.A.M. on that or, more accurately, K.R.E.A.M.. Yes, that does stand for Krash Rules Everything Around Me (see what he did there?) – another superb Krash Slaughta outing and another superb outing for an evergreen Wu-Tang acapella

KRASH SLAUGHTA feat. PHILL MOST CHILL: Rebel Base (Vinyl 7″)

Rating: ★★★★★ With less notice than a surprise Imperial attack, news of a new Krash Slaughta vinyl 7″ has arrived in the monkey’s inbox and it’s hotter than the barrel of an ion cannon 5 minutes into a major combat situation. The 45 in question is Rebel Base, Admiral Slaughta’s secret new dance-floor weapon and evidence of an alliance with mic pirate Phill Most Chill – a man famed

KRASH SLAUGHTA: Lucky Kookies (Vinyl 7″) + Sugar Coated DOOM re-press

KRASH SLAUGHTA: Lucky Kookies Couldn’t get enough of Krash Slaughta’s Sugarcubes vs DOOM project Sugar Coated DOOM? Or did you miss out on the never-to-be-re-pressed vinyl LP? Oh man, has Krash got you covered! Not only is the LP is getting a ltd. re-press but there’s also an all-new non-LP Sugar Coated DOOM 45 single dedicated to The Sugarcubes, Lucky Kookies, being released too

KRASH SLAUGHTA: Sugar Coated DOOM (Vinyl LP)

Sugar Coated DOOM Rating: ★★★★★ It’s a given that timing is everything in music – most obviously in terms of composition and production but often just as much in regard to conception and release – the latter two doubly poignantly so in the case of this massive DOOM vs The Sugarcubes mash-up LP from turntablist and producer Krash Slaughta. Which is why the tale of this project’s gestation is

THE BOBBY DEANS BIG BAND/ KRASH SLAUGHTA Oh! Oh! Here He Comes/ Elephants Graveyard (Remix)(2016) + WIN a super ltd. test pressing

Oh Oh Here He Comes Bobby Deans Krash SlaughtaRating: ★★★★★ Now then – this is the sort of thing that gives you the shivers – in a good way. A bit like the horns on the opening of the A-side. It goes like this: turntable legend and former UK DMC champion Paul Smith a.k.a. Krash Slaughta goes on one of his regular crate-digging trips in Glasgow and happens across a 1972 LP by one Bobby Deans on a label called THOR and is

MONKEYBOXING.COM presents: Filthy Rhythm, Dirty Soul Vol. 2 (2012) Free download

The mighty sequel to last year’s wildly successful free monkeyboxing LP finally arrives: the even filthier and even dirtier Filthy Rhythm, Dirty Soul: Vol. 2 which once more features a selection of the biggest FUNK, SOUL, HIP-HOP, PARTY BREAKS, and REGGAE bangers from 2011 plus a number of unbelievably hot exclusives and rarities from the likes of BADBOE & PROSPER, THE FUNK LEAGUE feat. DIAMOND D & SADAT X, KRASH SLAUGHTA


What with all the nufunk and ghetto funk around in the last couple of years it’s almost been like traditional funky b-boy breaks had taken a back seat on the funk-based breaks scene. Having said that, this year alone has seen big efforts from DJ Format, Hero 7 and Mash & Munkee and now Krash Slaughta too – a man who was doing it in Baghdad when lots of ghetto funkers were still in their dad’s bags.

K-DELIGHT: Audio Revolution

Rating: ★★★★★ I never thought I’d have had to wait until nearly the end of the year to give a hip-hop LP full marks, nor that this year’s most convincing b-boy document so far would have come out of Darlington. Still – I never expected some pikey to try and have my wallet off me as I walked away from the cash machine the other night either – but as my old Lau Gar instructor used to say – you just never know. Boldly titled, featuring co-production from The Voodoo Guru (plus Evil Ed and Royce Rolls on a couple of tracks) Audio Revolution contains twenty-one tracks (including skits) and is, (as one of those skits points out) very fresh. Assembling a motley crew of talents from both sides of the pond (and Japan – in the form of DJ Kentaro) Delight the ‘Scratch Assassin’ spends an hour thoroughly rampaging through hip-hop’s history and sub-genres in a cut and paste, scratch-filled b-boy frenzy.

Things kick off with the aptly titled The Brief sampling George Martin commenting ‘My brief was I could use any sound I wanted to…’ from which point onwards K Delight clearly used pretty much any sound he wanted to. Both sides of his early autumn single are on here – the downtempo Audio Revolution featuring the talents of U.S. MCs Skitz The Gemini and Shinobi Stalin (which is the first track proper, on the LP) and the furious breaks and cuts of Wildstyle Dream which disinters the Incredible Bongo band’s Apache Break for the millionth time yet still manages to reinvigorate it while Chrome reflects (somewhat energetically) on his lengthy involvement in the hip-hop scene. Skitz and Stalin return on Forever Hip Hop where the arrangement finds space for both slide guitar and an electro beat. DJ Kentaro puts in his tuppence on The Real Thing and it turns out to be a healthy instrumental investment as cinematic strings vie with a welter of breaks and scratches. Granted, not every guest on here is British but Audio Revolution certainly finds a sizeable amount of heavyweight UK hip-hop suspects popping by. Two more to add to the list are Lewis Parker on Return of the Jedis and Koaste in triumphant cheeky rhyme-mode on Teenagers From Outer Space where Delight supplies an almost tech-house b-line. Anyone who hasn’t had their fill of turntablism recently may find themselves sated by DJ posse cut Scratch Club while Nomadee vehicle Street Soul will appeal to those who tire of the b-boy pyrotechnics and are looking for their comedown slice of breakbeat action.

Of course that doesn’t cover half the tracks on here in any sort of detail – but that’s why you get audio links right? This has got range and quality that doesn’t falter once during its entire length – for further proof check the eleven minute epic album closer The Life and Times of a Scratch Machine. With Audio Revolution ‘K-Dilla’ is most definitely on the cut. As your funky attorney, I advise you to go and get yourself a copy.
Out now on Playing Around Records.