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BEAT RIDE: Dreamers (2016)

DReamers Beat RideDid you overdo it over the new year? You did didn’t you? You’re never drinking again, work should be banned…where’s your duvet? What you need is something to capture your mood – not too energetic, smokily evocative, perhaps a little sombre and tinged with bluesy regret. Say hello to Beat Ride‘s trip-hoppy new whose four track Dreamers EP. Another Bad Day is the one for

TIMEWARP: Diskocutz: The Album (2015)

The Album Timewarp DiskocutzTimewarp Music‘s main-man in his Timewarp (as opposed to Timewarp Inc.) guise, puts all four to the floor once more here with latest LP Diskocutz: The Album. And if you’re expecting anything other than nu-disco antics from an album with a title like that, from a man with this man’s past form, then there’s no hope for you. That said, things start off

MELLOWNIUS: Just One (2015)

Just One MellowniusWhat next from Silenta, sometime partner of CMC and maker of heavy breakbeat and ghetto funk action who hasn’t been heard of in these parts for quite a while? Try new single Just One which finds our man post chill-pill ingestion on a very spacey trip. I Am is the vocal cut that’s all wafty keys, ambient samples of kids at play and whimsical lyrics from Rislane, Just One God is a harder