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KOOL HERTZ: Uberfly/ Chamelon Delight

KOOL HERTZ:  Uberfly/ Chamelon Delight Kool Hertz is back and revelling in old school influences with new drop Uberfly. Actually featuring two cuts, the title track is the one based around pieces of Curtis Mayfield’s Superfly over which are layered a heavy dancefloor drum break and more old school shout-outs and FX than you can shake a stick at. Meanwhile Chameleon

KOOL HERTZ: Here Comes The Sun EP (2017)

If you haven’t tuned in to Kool Hertz‘s frequency yet, now might be a good time as his four-track Here Comes The Son EP is out and very loud. In time-honoured party breaks fashion, old and not-so-old samples are cut up and looped, given the funky drums treatment and a bass jolt. The first two tracks cater to the kids with the title track’s wobbled-up treatment sure to work up a sweat as

KOOL HERTZ: Whatta Joint EP (2011)

Kool Hertz seems to be operating on the correct frequency here with his new four track EP Whatta Joint as he raids funk and hip-hop’s glorious past for the benefit of the ghetto-funkin’ yout’. In fact he manages something of a generational bridging manouevre between the bass-wobble-addicted kids and aging b-boys by dint of employing – well – wobbly bass and old school boom-bap breaks