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KOKA MASS JAZZ: Elephunky Trip (Vinyl 12″)

Koka Mass Jazz’s Elephunky Trip twelve inch is the new piece of vinyl out from Timewarp Music and, perhaps surprisingly, is only the long-running label’s second wax drop. To all intents and purposes, this previously digital-only release is a mini-LP with seven original tracks on it, plus a second version of one of these by the band along with vocal and instro versions of another of the

KOKA MASS JAZZ: Smile (2015)

Smile Koka Mass JazzIt’s a seven remixes deep package for Bulgarian Koka Mass Jazz and funky disco number Smile on this. Mr T delivers a deep club breaks smirk, My Neighbour Is gives it a stoned breakbeat grin, Poldoore does a house-y simper, Green Street offers a acid jazzy beam, Vitamin D stays close to the original and offers a justifiably smug twitch at the corners of his mouth and Loop Maffia goes way