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KITTEN & THE HIP: Groove Is In The Heart (2016) Exclusive free download!

Groove Is In The Heart Kitten And The HipRating: ★★★★★ Sometimes originals can be bettered. Sometimes they can’t. But of those that can’t, sometimes they can be equalled. Especially if the cover is so gloriously lunatic it provides a singular aural experience. Step forward Kitten & The Hip, utterly unfazed by taking on not just one of the biggest chart hits of the nineties but a timeless dancefloor classic. Initially a strikingly

KITTEN & THE HIP: Ain’t No Other Man (2016) Free download

Ain't No Other Man KATHAin’t no other band could stand up next to Christina and Premier surely? Ain’t no other band it’s true – well until Kitten & The Hip a.k.a Ashley Slater and the missus, Kitten Quinn, sauntered along that is. Slowing down the bpms to an altogether more rakish tempo, the pair create an altogether more funky, low-riding version of Aguilera’s The Moon People-sampling Ain’t No

KITTEN & THE HIP: I Wanna B Onnit (2015) + video

I Wanna Be Onnit Cover Photo Kenny McCrackenKitten & The Hip leave electro swing behind with new one I Wanna B Onnit and head for the sunny urban pastures of early 80s New York with the disco vibes of I Wanna B Onnit. “I love everything on your body and the thing I like…on it most is me,” sings Kitten Quinn to hubby Ashley Slater of Freak power fame who responds with the kind of rapping that hasn’t been heard since the early

KITTEN & THE HIP: Don’t Touch The Kitten Remixed EP (2014)

Don't Touch The Kitten Kitten  The HipJailbait/ pervy uncle electro-swing combo (and signings to Skeewiff‘s Pedigree Cuts label) Kitten & The Hip is actually the second coming of Ashley Slater (the Hip), frontman of 90s chart-bothering, Norman Cook-featuring acid-jazzers Freak Power. Turns out Slater isn’t the only one coming given the recent flurry of furiously jealous tabloid masturbation over Kitten’s stripper past and her