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FUTURE BLUES PROJECT:  The RemixesIn keeping with Bristol’s reputation for experimenting with music of black origin comes new outfit Future Blues Project with debut album The Remixes. The Future Blues Project name bit is pretty easy to understand – they’re taking one of the foundations of modern music and filtering it through a twenty-first century musical prism – sampling, looping, adding beats from different

DSIBLIME feat. KIRRIS RIVIERE: The Swarm (2015)

The Swarm Kirris Riviere SiblimeThey’re over here – not properly paying tax, spreading extremist views and generally giving the UK a bad reputation – but that’s enough about the ‘non-dom’ owners of News UK, The Daily Mail and the Daily Telegraph. Let’s spare a thought instead for those whose countries have been de-stabilised by conflicts about oil – oops – I mean religion – the so-called ‘swarm’ of refugees fleeing violence

UNFORSCENE: Return Of The Wob – 2011

If January was afrobeat month 2011, it looks like March is ‘Bristol sound’ month as news of Unforscene’s forthcoming long-player surfaces at the same time as The Beekeepers (Parker and Boca 45) return to the scene. And, like The Beekeepers and Ewan Hoozami, Unforscene seem to be heralding a new generation of beats and vocal collaborations from Bristol that add dubstep and broken beat stylings