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LEWIS PARKER: All I Got (Vinyl 12″)

Now then, who likes to recline and max with the illest tracks, master the dope joints so the shit be sounding phat on wax? That’s right, it’s producer and sometime emcee Lewis Parker who is back with 12″ vinyl single All I Got on 7 May this year. And ‘all ‘Lewis has got is a head-nod groove and his own mic skills which is plenty to perk up your ears and soundtrack your city drive-time before I

THE NEW MASTERSOUNDS: Be Yourself (Vinyl LP + 45) Re-release

THE NEW MASTERSOUNDS:  Be Yourself (Vinyl LP + 45) Re-releaseMaybe a funk revival twenty years after funk first became displaced or absorbed by disco and early hip-hop was on the cards but who would have predicted that a further two decades on (having lasted twice the length of funk’s original heyday) it would still be going strong? Maybe The New Mastersounds know something about it having appeared in 1999 just a few years after the