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KILL EMIL: Matata/ Humanidad (Vinyl 7″)

KILL EMIL: Matata/ Humanidad (Vinyl 7The Matasuna label has been going hard on an Afro-Latin tip lately, and here they follow up their re-release of super-rare Sangre Joven cut Zamba Zamba (along with a Voodoocuts remix) with this new 45 from Greek producer Kill Emil. The A-side, Matata, might take its name from the Swahili word for problems but our man seems to have no difficulty knocking out a pumping mid-tempo affair

VARIOUS: Cloud Watching Volume 3 (Riddim Fruit) (2013)

Google ‘cloud watching’ (like I just did) and you’ll probably find that the first search result is the Cloud Appreciation Society (‘Uniting cloud lovers around the world’) who are, “fighting the banality of blue sky thinking.” Unsure whether this was some sort of joke or whether there really are people apart from meteorologists out there that interested in clouds I had a quick tour around the site and

VARIOUS: Cloud Watching Volume 2 (Riddim Fruit) (2013) Free download

Cloud watching. Lie on your back and make two collide. Disperse one with your mind. Find ones that look like animals. Fucking hippies! They’re everywhere and now they’ve invaded the Riddim Fruit label a second time and forced ten artists on its roster to make ‘upbeat downtempo’ breaks. It’s outrageous. All that lying about in peaceful harmony, smoking dope and being nice to each

BOOTY FRUIT: Proper Produce Volume 5 (2012)

It’s rich pickings among the breaks section of the bass music market this December and Booty Fruit’s stall is no exception. Volume 5 of their Proper Produce series offers quality fare that steers clear of wobble ‘funk’ and vends hip-hop, funk and reggae influenced numbers instead. Mr Fresh, for example, is true to his name keeping things all hip-hop and mo’ fruity. Then there’s Lone Drum’s Minnie which

VARIOUS: Cloud Watching (Riddim Fruit) (2012) – Free download

Known for its adventures in the realm of bass music, the Riddim Fruit label crosses the threshold of the chill-out room with Cloud Watching – as if you’d expect anything else from a cover depicting a bloke stood on a hill staring at a paisley-ish sky or a hippy title like that, anyway. If this leads you feeling like we’ve entered nineties downtempo breaks territory you’d be right. And

VARIOUS: Carnibal Records 002 (2012)

The carnival continues as the Carnibal Records 002 float appears on the horizon. This time around things are ever so slightly more chilled – you know – it’s still a party but they’ve had a rum or two. Thus Palov and Panama Cardoon, Kill Emil and Monetrik all have a gentle shimmy through their latin music collections in a way that calls gently to the hips – which, as you know, never lie. However, it’s Daytoner who showboats around like the carnival