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KID PANEL & BLADE: Freak/ Weedee Funk (2017)

Kid Panel & Blade revamp a couple of oldies for 2017 on this new Mustbeat drop. The first is Freak which shares a name with Chic’s most famous cut and includes samples from Sugarhill Gang and Ultramagnetic MC (among others) employing pounding drums that keep it just the big beat side of house and take it back to – oohh at least 1997. Weedee Funk on the other hand features a more


So Long Dudes Nynfus CorporationNynfus Corporation return and simultaneously bow out with the Bill & Ted-ishly titled 12″ wax EP So Long Dudes. Yep – from now on Kid Panel & DJ Clairvo will forge ahead with being Lack Jemmon and Vida G will blow the whole joint up all on his own. But not before they have a chance to get BC beat bandit Timothy Wisdom to drop weed-worship rhymes in conjunction with a hook