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KIBOSH: Pocky Way – Free download

KIBOSH: Pocky Way - Free downloadIt’s been a bit of a week for party breakbeat releases and here’s yet another – Kibosh’s Pocky Way Scour Freemix remix thingy of The Meters’ Hey Pocky A-Way. The original came out on the Rejuvenation LP bang in the middle of the New Orleans legends’ glorious original eight album run between 1969 and 1977 and was a loose mid-tempo groove dripping with sub-tropical bayou

KIBOSH: Globetrottin’ Freemix

KIBOSH:  Globetrottin'  FreemixThere was a time when the music formerly known as ‘ghetto funk’ became decidedly unfunky. Come to think of it, it was around the height of ghetto funk mania, when people started jumping on the bandwagon, skipping the vital step of including anything related to actual funk, and letting the wobble bass tail wag the breakbeat dog. Some might disingenuously claim it was never meant to be

BREAKBEAT PARADISE RECORDINGS: Bring Back The Funk Vol. 4 (2015)

BREAKBEAT PARADISE RECORDINGS: Bring Back The Funk EP Vol. 4 (2015)Who’d have thunk it? It’s been two and a half years since the last volume of a certain BBP comp. so it’s long past time that Breakbeat Paradise dropped Bring Back The Funk Vol. 4 which is a bumper six cuts long. Longtime cohorts Badboe & Prosper stand up first with a Ludacris ‘pella and a James Taylor sample over a suitably beefy disco breaks beat to ensure your smiling face. There’s

KIBOSH: Back N Forth EP (2017)

KIBOSH:  Back N Forth EP“On the Bass Funk Glitch Hip Hop Soul Breaks tip,” it says on Kibosh’s Soundcloud with no word of a lie. Has he got his fingers in enough stylistic musical pies!? Actually he hasn’t even declared all the – er – pies he’s got his fingers into. Omitting the word ‘swing’ was something of an oversight for example – given the abandon with which he sprinkles samples of said music throughout his