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NOTES FLOATS & KEV LA KAT: The Nods (2017) Free download

NOTES FLOATS & KEV LA KAT:  The NodsGot the nods? You will when you hear the latest from Austin-based rapper Notes Floats and beat provider Kev La Kat of loveourrecords.com entitled – er – The Nods. You know – as in after the dance you can do with your head whilst driving or anything else that involves having an otherwise largely motionless body but still desiring to show you’re feeling the beat. Why the ‘nods’ were

KILMATIK: Sneaky (KEV LA KAT remix)(2015) Free download – premiere

Sneaky Kilmatik Kev La Kat remixA mere 48 hours after sneaky freebie – er – Sneaky came out from Austin emcee Kilmatik (dropped in celebration of his debut Kool Keith-featuring LP Ruler) comes Kev La Kat with this sneaky little remix which monkeyboxing is able to premiere for your aural delectation and with somewhat more fanfare than the original. Love Our Records main man Kat chops up the piano

KILMATIK feat. KOOL KEITH as ROBBIE ANALOG: Zero Weirdos (KEV LA KAT remix) (2015) Free download

Zero Weirdos Kev La Kat remix…on which Kev La Kat has a stab at remixing at Kilmatik‘s Zero Weirdos featuring legendary Ultramagnetic MC Kool Keith as alter ego Robby Analog. Well, I say features – he does a verse at the end. Always nice to hear him though – going on about eating out the crackerjack’s box, having a Pamper to cover your buttcrack and having a criteria to wash in Ajax, among other things. Ahh