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KERBSIDE COLLECTION: Fleet StreakRating: ★★★★★ The second of two jointly-released singles announcing Volume 3 of the all-original contemporary funk LP series The Originals by German label Golden Rules is Fleet Streak by Australian funk outfit Kerbside Collection. And it’s a beast. You have to wonder if the label pitted the Oz crew against Great Revivers when acquiring these tracks. Did they ring Great Revivers up and


KERBSIDE COLLECTION: GlazeRating: ★★★★★ Ok, the monkey overlooked this one but it was for personal reasons so hopefully that’ll excuse the late coverage of Glaze from Aussie ensemble Kerbside Collection. And what Glaze is, is a slice of summery, funky library music-style groove. It says here, ‘Are you ready to sunbathe on the golden beaches of Queensland?’ but to be honest it’s the sun-drenched blacktop of

KERBSIDE COLLECTION: Mind The Curb (2013) + Mind The Curb dj mix

If you insist on taking jazz with your funk, you could do a lot worse (and people frequently do) than take a leaf out of Kerbside Collection‘s book. Here’s a band whose debut long player Mind The Curb gets things right on several levels in the course of delivering its payload of funky notes from the west coast. That’ll be Australia’s west coast of course since the band hail from Brisbane but – hey