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BREAKDOWN BRASS: Monmouth b/w Next Episode 45 (2015)

Monmouth Breakdown BrassMore funk from the rodeo city of Calgary as Kept Records get their 45 on once more and provide two cuts from Brooklyn-based Breakdown Brass. A-side Monmouth has horns menacing enough to kick off some sort of rebellion while B-side Next Episode may ring some hip-hop bells. Mainly because it’s a cover of that well-known Snoop Dizzle-featuring cut by Dre. Yes, that’s right, a

FREAK MOTIF: Killin’ Me 45 (2014)

Killin' Me Freak MotifFunk from Alberta? How times change. Back in the 90s I was at a party somewhere south of Edmonton where everyone was taking turns at selecting the music. They played a bit of both kinds – country and western, so when it was my turn I tried a funk-sampling Deadly Avenger cut. It lasted twenty seconds before some hick from Fairview shut it down sneering, “What’s this fucking Michael

BROWNOUT: Grant Phabao & Renegades Of Jazz Remixes (2013)

In the crazy world of electrical terminology a ‘brownout’ is a drop in voltage. Which is ironic since these remixes of Texan latin-funk outfit Brownout create something of a musical power surge. ParisDJs in-house producer Grant Phabao is up first and plugs his whole updated Studio One/ King Tubby ting into I Won’t Lie to nice up the wide-open spaces steel guitar vibe of the original in