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SIR BEANS OBE: Part Of It (feat. KELZ)/ DEF=Defeat Evil Fools (feat. ZAEB DUST, BLAKTRIX & MEDUSA)(Vinyl 7″)

SIR BEANS OBE: Part Of ItIt’s been a while since the monkey’s heard from Sir Beans OBE but new beats from Bristol’s veteran knight of  production are always welcome. The first side of this 45 finds fellow Bristolian and former 3PM rapper Kelz holding forth atop one of Beans’ trademark dusty breaks with jazzy trimmings while on the flip side it’s time to get DEF (as in Defeat Evil Fools) via an equally classy

SIR BEANS O.B.E: Pause To Discuss EP(2012)

I don’t know – nothing for ages and then three come along almost at once. Last month it was Bristol’s Mr Fantastic and Hundred Strong dropping wax and now bass city south-west’s very own hip-hop honours recipient (albeit cheekily self-awarded) returns. Yes welcome back Sir Beans O.B.E. whose Pause To Discuss EP features his signature production motifs of super-tight