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KATALYST: Deep Impressions (2011) + tracklist

“Many styles of music have made deep impressions on me,” says Oz producer Katalyst with a cavalier disregard for labouring a metaphor as he discusses his latest LP Deep Impressions which sports an image of a ‘deep impression’ in the form of what seems to be a meteor crater on its cover. Presumably, also, his intention was that this LP would make a ‘deep impression’ on

KATALYST feat. Kween G: Ready To Drop (2011) + video

Oz-producer Katalyst follows up his sweet downtempo reggae Stephanie McKay-collabo Day Into Night with party-starting, breakbeat-fuelled, Kween G vehicle Ready To Drop. Channelling an old school NY hip-hop vibe without sounding overtly retro and adding a dash of the sort of territory explored recently by the Beastie Boys/ Santigold hook-up Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win, it also samples the Beasties

KATALYST (feat. Stephanie Mckay): Day Into Night – Single – 2011

Between them Katalyst and Stephanie McKay seem to have captured the authentic atmosphere of a French summer’s evening with this sweet little number from Katalyst’s forthcoming album. Not bad for someone from Sydney and someone from New York and even weirder since it’s a slice of tremolo-guitar infused reggae soul that should probably have conjured up somewhere Jamaican or at least New World-y