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KALBATA & MIXMONSTER: Congo Beat The Drum (2014)

Congo Beat The Drum Kalbata MIxmonsterKalbata & Mixmonster’s new single (and the title track of their debut LP) is called Congo Beat The Drum. And doesn’t it just sound like an entire country – Congo say – banging the skins simultaneously? Another reason while all their shit has such a righteous vibe is that the Israeli production duo spent much of the time sorting out their debut LP (of which this is the title track) in

KALBATA & MIXMONSTER: Congo Beat The Drum LP video trailer (2013)

Congo Beat The Drum is the forthcoming 100% analogue dub-roots-reggae album from Kalbata & Mixmonster. It’s the sound of white producers making beats that black producers used to make hooking up with some of the same black singers who used to sing on that kind of beat back when black producers made them. As it turns out, it doesn’t sound a lot different to the sort of music