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K-DELIGHT: Beats, Demos and Cuts (Ltd. free download)

K-DELIGHT:  Beats, Demos and Cuts (Ltd. free download) It’s been a minute since we’ve heard from K-Delight but with a new studio album imminent, what better way for him to generate buzz than to make another album with the self-explanatory title Beats, Demos & Cuts available as a free download for six whole days? K Dilla describes it as a selection of his favourite tracks on various labels along with some unheard demos which feature

K DELIGHT & CHROME: Jazzy Jeff (2014) Free download

Jazzy Jeff K Delight ChromeUK hip-hop dream-team K Delight and Deftex rapper Chrome pay tribute to the cool half of a far more famous US hip-hop dj/ rapper pairing for this second single from his forthcoming second LP. Entitled Jazzy Jeff, it is of course a tribute to a man who is not only a pioneering and widely respected hip-hop dj but one who has inexplicably managed to maintain a lengthy association with Will Smith without losing a single cool point. Like Jazzy Jeff, K-Delight is quite the decknologist. Unlike Will Smith

K-DELIGHT feat. SHINOBI STALIN: Make It Different (2013) + video

Rating: ★★★★★ The long absent K-Delight‘s new single Make It Different joins a ridiculously long streak of dope boom-bap hip-hop releases covered on MB this year. If (given its title) there is an irony in its being in some way similar (i.e in terms of quality) it possesses at least one notable difference to many of those other tracks by dint of not featuring Phill Most Chill on the mic. That honour instead goes to long-time

K DELIGHT: Fresh For 86 mixtape (2011) – Free download

K-Delight goes super old-school for the imminent UK Fresh 86 reunion at the London Scala on 16 July and gets his analogue on for a new mixtape. That’s right, he recorded the whole thing on multi-track tape using some fat original electro vinyl. Naturally he is aware that it is 2011 so the whole thing is available for your aural delectation below via the soundcloud player.

MONKEYBOXING PRESENTS: Filthy Rhythm, Dirty Soul Vol. 1 (2011) Free download

Monkeyboxing.com is proud to present Filthy Rhythm, Dirty Soul featuring the dopest cuts from some of the finest current purveyors of FUNK, SOUL, HIP-HOP, NUFUNK, GHETTOFUNK and REGGAE. Includes EXCLUSIVE tracks from SMOOVE (Jalepeno/ Wack), ANDY TAYLOR (Resense/ Wack), and THE HAWK (Record Kicks) along with ALDO VANUCCI, FEATURECAST and THA ‘LIKS massive hip-hop banger from last year, a remix from reggae-remix legend JSTAR and more

K-DELIGHT: The Wildstyle Dream – classic B-Boy video and free download

Even more TV for your bungholes this week as the soundtrack to this library footage of b-boy breakers is soundtracked by K-Dilla on the killer cut accompanied by Deftex’s Chrome as microphone fiend. Yes, it’s a vid for the single off K-Delight’s classic 2008 LP Audio Revolution of which every self-respecting old-schooler should possess a copy. As if that’s not enough, you can download the track The Wildstyle Dream – K-Delight feat. Chrome HERE. And if that’s not enough – then there is no pleasing you! ‘Ave it.
K-Delight – Myspace

K-DELIGHT: ‘Def Jam’ Mixtape – free download

Hot on the heels of his gnarly Audio Revolution LP, K-Dilla drops a ‘mixtape’ like they used to make, recorded live in one epic take. On two turntables. Only everything’s digital and shit now right? So you can cop the full glory of it here: DOWNLOAD – K DELIGHT Def Jam MIXTAPE complete with full artwork and stuff. It’s a veritable cornucopia of breaks and beats old and new featuring hip-hop, RnB, and funk. The whole track list stretches for miles but it’s a journey that’ll take you from Aceyalone to The Roots via DJ Mentat and the Nice Up crew and then head from Amerie to the Barkays via Alice Russell and The JBs. Forty-four tracks in just over an hour. Man don’t hang about innit!

K Delight – Myspace


1. (NEW) Ugly Duckling – Einstein Do It (Night On Scratch Mountain) (Audacity LP) – Fat Beats
DJ Einstein on the cut y’all! Massive.

2. (NEW) Shantisan – Bring The Bossa Back (Resense 008 EP) – Resense
Drum n Bossa? Latin vocal? Party!

3. (NEW) Q Tip – Won’t Trade (The Renaissance LP) – Motown
Motown sampling bomb. Shoulda had more like this on the LP.

4. (NEW) K Delight (feat. Koaste) – Teenagers From Outer Space (Audio Revolution LP) – Playing Around
Swirling tech-hop banger and the best lyrics all year from Koaste.

5. (1) Andy Taylor (feat. Louisa Rox) – Pray (Unreleased)
Ridiculously euphoric funky anthem.

6. (3) The Bamboos – Tears Cried (Side Stepper LP) – Tru Thoughts
More funky sister soul action from Melbourne’s finest
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7. (NEW) The New Mastersounds – Hole In The Bag (Plug & Play LP) – Etage Noir
A fat nugget of organs, wah-wah and clattering drums.

8. (NEW) Da Wiesel – Raw Rapture (Resense 008 EP) – Resense
Female vocal breaks-track, cutting up Sly Stone, and the Mohawks

9. (NEW) The Bas Lexter Ensample – Bas Lexter’s Rock (Resense 008 EP) – Resense
Uptempo brass-driven breaks.

10. (NEW) T Bird & The Breaks – Juice (Learn About It LP) (Unreleased)
Funky-ass soul so raw it’s still bleeding.

K-DELIGHT: Audio Revolution

Rating: ★★★★★ I never thought I’d have had to wait until nearly the end of the year to give a hip-hop LP full marks, nor that this year’s most convincing b-boy document so far would have come out of Darlington. Still – I never expected some pikey to try and have my wallet off me as I walked away from the cash machine the other night either – but as my old Lau Gar instructor used to say – you just never know. Boldly titled, featuring co-production from The Voodoo Guru (plus Evil Ed and Royce Rolls on a couple of tracks) Audio Revolution contains twenty-one tracks (including skits) and is, (as one of those skits points out) very fresh. Assembling a motley crew of talents from both sides of the pond (and Japan – in the form of DJ Kentaro) Delight the ‘Scratch Assassin’ spends an hour thoroughly rampaging through hip-hop’s history and sub-genres in a cut and paste, scratch-filled b-boy frenzy.

Things kick off with the aptly titled The Brief sampling George Martin commenting ‘My brief was I could use any sound I wanted to…’ from which point onwards K Delight clearly used pretty much any sound he wanted to. Both sides of his early autumn single are on here – the downtempo Audio Revolution featuring the talents of U.S. MCs Skitz The Gemini and Shinobi Stalin (which is the first track proper, on the LP) and the furious breaks and cuts of Wildstyle Dream which disinters the Incredible Bongo band’s Apache Break for the millionth time yet still manages to reinvigorate it while Chrome reflects (somewhat energetically) on his lengthy involvement in the hip-hop scene. Skitz and Stalin return on Forever Hip Hop where the arrangement finds space for both slide guitar and an electro beat. DJ Kentaro puts in his tuppence on The Real Thing and it turns out to be a healthy instrumental investment as cinematic strings vie with a welter of breaks and scratches. Granted, not every guest on here is British but Audio Revolution certainly finds a sizeable amount of heavyweight UK hip-hop suspects popping by. Two more to add to the list are Lewis Parker on Return of the Jedis and Koaste in triumphant cheeky rhyme-mode on Teenagers From Outer Space where Delight supplies an almost tech-house b-line. Anyone who hasn’t had their fill of turntablism recently may find themselves sated by DJ posse cut Scratch Club while Nomadee vehicle Street Soul will appeal to those who tire of the b-boy pyrotechnics and are looking for their comedown slice of breakbeat action.

Of course that doesn’t cover half the tracks on here in any sort of detail – but that’s why you get audio links right? This has got range and quality that doesn’t falter once during its entire length – for further proof check the eleven minute epic album closer The Life and Times of a Scratch Machine. With Audio Revolution ‘K-Dilla’ is most definitely on the cut. As your funky attorney, I advise you to go and get yourself a copy.
Out now on Playing Around Records.


1. (NEW) Freestyle Professors – Luv U (Unreleased)
Giff and B Sparks done cooked up some fresh Bronx heat. Heed!

2. (NEW) K Delight & The Voodoo Guru feat. Chrome – The Wildstyle Dream (Playing Around)
Does what it says on the tin. One for breakers everywhere: Part 1

3. (NEW) D.J.H – Hip-Hopper From Birth – Hip-Hopper From Birth EP (D.J.H)
Killer track from crazy fresh EP. One for breakers everywhere: Part 2.

4. (NEW) Fakts One feat. Little Brother – Grown Folks – Long Range LP (Green Streets U.S.
Little Brother kill it again on a guest spot.

5. (1) The New Mastersounds – All We Can Do – Plug & Play LP (One Note)
Ultra itchy break, squelchy wah-wah and bass like an eel hitting the side of a dustbin.

6. (3) Betty Moorer – It’s My Thing – Diggin’ In The BGP Vaults LP (BGP)
Funky soul is the sexiest music ever. Betty Moorer tells it like it is.
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7. (6) The Bamboos – King of the Rodeo/ Can’t Help Myself (Tru Thoughts)
The Bamboos borrow Megan Washington and Ty for two more funky dancefloor slayers.

8. (4) Tame Impala – Desire Be, Desire Go – Tame Impala EP (Modular)
Western Oz’s finest drop a filthy great psychedelic fuzz-rock monster.

9. (NEW) Que Billah feat. The Cool Kids – Colours (Unreleased)
Billah got the beats: The Kids got the rhymes. And ‘sneakers’. In lots of colours. Word.

10. (NEW) Sir Beans feat. Blaktrix – Sour Grapes (Unreleased)
Beans and Blaktrix always mean hip hop business. One day Beans’ll release an LP!