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JUNIOR DELL & THE D-LITES: Whole Lotta Skankin’ Going On (Vinyl 7″)

JUNIOR DELL & THE D-LITES:  Whole Lotta Skankin' Going OnRating: ★★★★★ Having said in the previous post that the start of January isn’t traditionally a fertile period in record companies’ release schedules, there is of course an exception. Step forward Original Gravity Records who have dropped two 45 releases in the last week or two and have a third on pre-order. In this post it’s all about a cover of

JUNIOR DELL & THE D-LITES: I’m A Man (Vinyl 7″)

JUNIOR DELL & THE D-LITES:  I'm A ManIt looks like a Bluebeat label on the 45, it sounds like a bluebeat act and the song was written long enough ago to have been the source for a ska cover. But that’s just because the Original Gravity Records machine is adept at pastiching pretty much whatever the hell genre and era it turns its hand to. I say ‘its’ – obviously I mean tireless label mastermind, Neil Anderson, who for this release has aimed his

JUNIOR DELL & THE D-LITES: Step On/ Meanwhile On The 15th Floor

JUNIOR DELL & THE D-LITES: Step OnHaving previously covered both the Stereophonics and Oasis in an early reggae stylee, Original Gravity label supremo Neil Anderson now turns his attentions towards The Happy Mondays if not indeed John Kongos. Enter our man stage-left in his Junior Dell & The D-Lites guise with assistance from a Jamaican singer and an uptempo rocksteady cover of Step On. If that twists your

JUNIOR DELL & THE D-LITES: Twenty Flight Ska (Vinyl 7″)

New retro Jamaican style heat from Original Gravity on Twenty Flight Ska one as Eddie Cochrane’s 1956 rockabilly classic Twenty Flight goes through the makeover treatment. And it emerges none the worse for its transformation as something at the slower end of ska that could have come out of an Orange Street studio or record store five to ten years later in Kingston


ORIGINAL GRAVITY RECORDS: Night TrainNo excuses for not leaping aboard the Night Train now as the Original Gravity label repeats the recipe of its Peter Gunn and 30-60-90 vinyl 7″s and gets four different artists to deliver four radically different versions of the same classic standard. In this case, said standard is Jimmy Forrest’s Night Train (famously ‘done’ by Mr James Brown and his Famous Flames in typical blistering

ORIGINAL GRAVITY RECORDS: Ska Fever Vol. 1 (Vinyl 7″)

Ska Fever Vol. 1Rating: ★★★★★ Got the chills and shakes? Don’t worry, there’s a strong chance you’ve picked up ska fever rather than Covid what with a new variant of Original Gravity Records reggae-related output in the offing in the form of Ska Fever Vol. 1 45. This drop features four tracks supplied by no fewer than three of label owner Neil Anderson’s nom-de-plumes (at least one of which seems to