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JUNGLE BROTHERS: I’ll House You/ On The Run 7″, t-shirt, double cassette (2016)

I'll House You Jungle BrothersStand aside with your rappers-over-house-beats shizz kids, Jungle Brothers did all that back in ’88 before your dad was a glint in your grandad’s eye. Not that that’s going to stop deluxe re-issue label Get On Down bringing ’88 back (not to mention ‘housing’ you) and continuing the bizarre fad for hip-hop 7″s with this re-press of the Todd Terry-produced I’ll House You and the more

STICKYBUDS & BOBBY C feat. JUNGLE BROTHERS: Party Remedy (2013) Free download

The fertile sonic soil of BC yields another crop in the form of this free download from Stickybuds and Bobby C. There’s something of both a funk and hip-hop pedigree here since the beat features horns and bass from the Fatback Band’s Got To Learn How To Dance recreated in a different key by Stickybuds, finished with drums from Bobby C and topped off with a chopped up Jungle Brothers

MY THERAPIST: Drag On (2013) Free download (exclusive)

Rating: ★★★★★ Got beat issues? Meet My Therapist. No not my therapist. My Therapist. He’ll sort you right out – in this case with an intensive course of mash-up treatment – exclusive to monkeyboxing. The treatment takes the form of a single download entitled Drag On. Look on it as a combined approach that takes Jungle Brothers wisdom (without Rae & Christian trappings) and

CAPITOL 1212 feat. Dizzy Dustin, Mike G, MCM, Cadence, & DJ Sheep: Good Feeling (2012) free download + album announced

Word on the street has it that Capitol 1212 a.k.a production team Professa Fresh and Fly-T are working on their debut LP and if their last single Good Feeling was anything to go by, that should give you more than a twitch in your pants. For those who missed it the other year, Good Feeling was a phat party hip-hop posse cut – a posse, incidentally, which included no lesser rhyming talents than

Ghetto Funk presents: B-SIDE (2011)

The latest in the Ghetto Funk label’s ‘Artist Series’ and this time it’s the turn of B-Side who’s new EP should ensure his going down in history as a terror since the ghetto funk era. Where his All The Girls EP earlier this year carried a fairly conventional payload, this has atomic capabilities – as dancefloors will find out after the minute-or-so-long build ups of both tracks on the A side

HERMA PUMA: Jungle Brothers vs. Peacemakers (Herma reblend) (2011)

Did you hear the one about what you get if you cross Jimbrowski by old school hip-hop legends Jungle Brothers with Don’t Push Your Luck by old school funk legends The Peacemakers? No? Dope shit is what. It ain’t funny but it’s sure as hell is funky. This comes in the wake of LP Synchromystic which transatlantic production team Herma Puma (a.k.a. producers Simple X and Pimpernel Jones) dropped only last year and which was stuffed with enough old school-influenced goodness to induce an instant pimp limp