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JPRIME feat. BBK: What I Do EP (2017)

“Breaks – that’s what I do/ That ain’t nothing new,” spits out BBK with conviction over quite the phattest slice of electro-breakbeat bass action heard in these parts for some time. Of course, emcee BBK will be no stranger to this sort of musical assault hailing as he does from the home of Miami Bass a.k.a. the Gunshine State of Florida. Clearly however, as the progenitor of this beat

AIR: Moon Safari Remixed (2017)

Moon Safari Remixed Air JPrime Leygo Monstafunk Vinyl MessiOne suspects French mellowtronica duo Air are are possibly not aware of the existence of the Moon Safari Remixed EP, a cheeky project which finds some of the usual Relative Dimensions label suspects make remarkably free with material off Air’s 90s debut LP. JPrime creates a new dawn for Ce Matin La for example by introducing it to Public Enemy’s He Got Game and a healthy dose of

JPRIME: Ill-Fixed EP (2016)

ill-fixed-ep-jprimeThe Relative Dimensions label follow their recent release of Hipsta’s excellent Re-Hop EP with another quality drop in the form of JPrime‘s Ill-Fixed EP which sees them rival Bomb Strikes in terms of who’s had the best ghetto funk cuts out this year. The five-tracker starts on an itchy, glitchy tip with almost-title track Illfix, switches to the electro-tinged Put Ya Hands Up and Funkfried