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LITTLE WALTER: My Babe (JPOD remix)(2014) Free download

JPod My Babe Little WalterJPod the beat chef serves up the final course of his Blues & Bebop Freebies with this version of Little Walter’s My Babe. Is it blues n bass? Electro blues? Glitch blues? Who knows? One thing we can be sure of – it’s got a very farty bass line. What? A farty bassline on Little Walter’s My Babe? And a breakbeat? Sacrilege! Whatever would Little Walter have said? Well, since it turns out that he was

CHICK WEBB & ELLA FITZGERALD: Get Low, Get High (JPOD remix) (2014) Free download

Ella Fitzgerald JPODJPOD reboots Chick Webb and Ella Fitzgerald’s 30s swing anthem, When I Get Low, I Get High by chucking a bass n breaks V12 under the hood and whittling the conveniently evocative title down to the even more obviously dance music/ drug-referencing Get Low Get High. Sometimes you wonder how those innocent old tunes can be so presciently named don’t you? Until a quick google

FEATURECAST: ‘Run For Cover’ Remixed Vol. 2 (2013)

Brace yourself for a forthcoming second remix EP for tracks off Featurecast‘s game-changing autumn LP Run For Cover that those on production duties are hoping will have you running for the dancefloor. The opening salvo comes from JPOD in the form of a dirty great synth bass assault on Greg Blackman vehicle Soul Children, followed swiftly thereafter by thunderous ghetto

DIRTY DUBSTERS: Queens Of Reggae EP – 2011

Dirty Dubsters present us with a brace of reggae queens and I don’t mean in the flamboyant-dress-broad-shoulders-adam’s-apple-covers-of-Bob-Marley sense. Nope, more in the none mo’ dutty dancehall ruling, all-woman pairing of Whandah The Dainty Queen and Chantelle Ernandez. Don’t mess! Two royal slices of reggae heat then – first up the hip-hop skank of Need To Leave You where Whandah basically tells her presumptious bloke to ‘step’ and secondly