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JIMI NEEDLES: Dean Town Come Down (Vulf.Paak Boot) Free download

JIMI NEEDLES: Dean Town Come Down (Vulf.Paak Boot) Free downloadOf course you did catch Jimi Needles’ Vulfpeck/ Anderson Paak mash Dean Town Come Down a couple of years ago didn’t you? You didn’t!? Oh well, it’s your lucky day then! This bad boy is still doing the rounds and Needles is making a show of actively hawking it again in the hope of hoovering up any Rip Van DJs who slept on it the first time. Surely you don’t need an explanation with that

JIMI NEEDLES feat. GREAT SCOTT & SKILF: Gimme The Call (2016)

Gimme The Call Jimi NeedlesWhat chance of some new, original party boom-bap hip-hop this summer – based around a nice funk loop perhaps, with some FX to nod to the twenty-first century? What’s that you say, Mr Jimi Needles? A beat made out of an old Earth Wind and Fire track – yeah – some bass wobble at a couple of points – check – Great Scott and Skilf on the mic – seen – and a video shot in your nan’s

JIMI NEEDLES: Float On (2015) Free download

Float On Jimi NeedlesJimi Needles has teamed up with ‘apparel connoisseurs’ Fanboyco for this latest free one. Not sure what Fanboyco’s contribution was – maybe they paid for the mastering – but what you get is Needles’ quality boom-bap re-version of The Floaters’ wafty 1977 UK number one soul hit Float On. Not only does our Jimi make sure the beat mans-up but he also does the track a service by

JIMI NEEDLES: Jazz Trippin (2015)

Jazz Trippin Jimi NeedlesOh hello, what’s this then? It’s a throughly modern Jimi (Needles) with his new single Jazz Trippin‘. Shall we swing? Why not I’ll put my car keys in the bo- oh you mean the music, why yes, I’d love that even more – all that ‘slap, slap, slap – oh that’s too hard’ business. Nothing sexual at all, merely a choice bit of electro swing – though if that gets any latterday slap…er, I mean flappers excited

MYLES SANKO: Forever Dreaming (CEE ROO Remix)(DJ TANNER video edit) (2015) Free download

Forever Dreaming Sanko Tanner Cee RooThe neatest, most lady-pleasing facial hair in nu-soul gets a respectful remix here from Swiss remixer Cee Roo and then said remix gets a video edit from DJ Tanner. Oh mylanta. Myles Sanko‘s original video to Forever Dreaming featured him getting ready for a (lady)fans meet n greet with the help of an attractive female P.A. In the remix, Cee Roo boosts the tempo and the percussion and

JIMI NEEDLES: Reggae Rewinds (2014) Free download

Reggae Rewinds Jimi NeedlesThe season of goodwill knows no bounds in 2014, it seems, as Jimi Needles dons his Santa costume and empties his sack of these four nifty reggae rewinds. Prepare yourself for the much needed Marley-fication of self-indulgent miserablist de jour Sam Smith on Latching In Vain! Sway to the reggae-fication of Damon Albarn’s animated crew Gorrillaz on Feel Good Rocksteady. Nod bleary-

JIMI NEEDLES: Jumpin’ Jive (2014) Free download

Jumpin' Jive Jimi NeedlesIt’s been something of a red letter day for freebie submissions at MB Towers today. No need to scour, stuff’s been pouring in through the e-letterbox. Here’s the third such effort from DJ/ Producer/ sticksman extraordinaire, Jimi Needles. Jumpin’ Jive is an impeccable slice of low-slung swing-hop instrumentalism that probably should’ve come up on the monkey’s radar earlier (it’s been available a month) but then…it’s been a busy month. Comes

DJ KID STRETCH: Get It On The Floor (2014)

Get It On The Floor EP DJ Kid StretchGet It On The Floor? Whatever could DJ Kid Stretch be referring to on his new EP? Drugs? Sex? The experience of having your fresh fat laces trodden on by some blundering elephant with two left feet? Then again, perhaps it’s not the answer to a question. Maybe ‘it’ is your ass and he’s issuing a firm command. Cheeky. One thing is certain, either the disco breaks original or one of the disco breaks

EPHEMERALS: Call It What You Want (2014)

Call It What You Want EphemeralsRating: ★★★★★ “Here’s the new Ephemerals single – Call It What You Want.”
“Ok. How about ‘Bob’?”
“You said ‘call it what you want’ so…”
“No! not ‘call it what you want’! Call It What You Want!
“I just did! You said….”

JIMI NEEDLES: Throw Ya Hands Up (2014)

It’s Throw Ya Hands Up time people as Mr Jimi Needles opens the year in a blaze of party bootleg glory that blurs the lines between hip-hop and house. No don’t say it! Gahhh – ‘hip-house’ – you said it. Now everyone’s thinking of some fallen-off rapper phoning in a couple of bars for a David Guetta beat whereas this sits somewhere between the breakbeat hip-house of the nineties (Def Jef