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WRIGGLY SCOTT feat. Jibberish: Twilight Empires (2011) – Free download

Twilight Empires sees producer Wriggly Scott and rapper Jibberish fuse mellow groove and social commentary in a way we tend not to see very often these days. Dusty samples combined with scratching and oriental pipes provide a sinuous backdrop for Jibberish to stick it to oppressive governments in the Middle East (“Here in the Middle most of them are self elected, reside in high places unaffected, proletariat- neglected”) and interfering governments in the West

DJ SOLO: Who Is Wriggly Scott? EP – 2011

Who is Wriggly Scott? Apparently he’s the alter ego of DJ Solo. Who is DJ Solo? Tempting as it is to answer ‘he’s the alter ego of Wriggly Scott,’ it seems, according to the press release, that he’s big in Dubai on the hip-hop scene. What do you mean you didn’t know there was a hip-hop scene in Dubai? So many questions, so few answers. Basically, ex-pat, UK scratch-DJ Neil Andrew has found an unlikely niche in the middle east.