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NICK PRIDE & THE PIMPTONES feat. JESS ROBERTS: Waitin So Long (Smoove remix) video (2011)

Here we are then – Smoove’s drums of death, ‘coal funk’ reboot of the Jess Roberts-featuring debut single and best track off Nick Pride & The Pimptones’ new long player Midnight Feast Of Jazz. It’s shot on a rooftop for added drama, not sure where though – the derelict cargo cranes in the background speak perhaps of Newcastle’s industrial past but the sun’s shining so it can’t be there, surely, since it’s always either raining or hunched under doomy grey clouds?

NICK PRIDE & THE PIMPTONES: Midnight Feast Of Jazz – Album (2011) + ‘Waitin So Long’ video

Midnight feast of jazz? I’d rather have a 3.a.m. dirty funk kebab but go on then… My first experience of Newcastle jazzbos Nick Pride & The Pimptones was the Smoove retouch of their Deeper Pimp thing on Wack Records featuring an Aretha acapella. You might have thought that with a band name like the Pimptones that their releases would be rich in wah-wah licks and hot-buttered basslines but over half the musicians in the band tote some kind of metal wind instrument