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MELLO SOUL BLACK: What Ya’ Heard (Prod. JAZZ SPASTIKS)(2016)

What Ya Heard Mello Soul Black“Fuck what ya heard” – the last twenty years never happened. Jeans are phat, sneaks are low, beats are phat and dope is the flow. Say hi to Texas and Tennessee emcees Mello Soul Black who deliver the goods over vintage dusty, jazzy boom-bap amply provided for them by Jazz Spastiks all the way from – er – Scotland. Well, it is summer and the sun is finally out for once

MG GOST: Waking Walk LP + win JAZZ SPASTIKS ‘Unkut Fresh’ Instrumentals (2015)

Waking Walk MG GostIf you caught the lush, jazzy boom-bap of MG Gost‘s recent free maxi single Dream Chaser featuring Jack Jones (a.k.a Audessey of Soundsci) then you’ll no doubt be fiending for more. Happy the reader of this post then, if they are someone the previous sentence describes since MG Gost’s Waking Walk LP is out at the end of the month. Naturally it contains the aforementioned single


Unkut Fresh Jazz Spastiks Rebels To The GrainMore 90s head-nod boom-bap dope from Dusty Platter and damn if it ain’t those Jazz Spastiks again – this time in the company of L.A. crew Cheddy and MP a.k.a. Rebels To The Grain with the fifteen-track Unkut Fresh. Thus in time-honoured fashion it’s yet another effortlessly classy pairing of UK production talent and Stateside microphone magic – see also Format and

JAZZ SPASTIKS: ‘The Product’ Remixes (2014)

The Product Remixes Jazz SpastiksIt would seem to be the week (and perhaps the time of year) for labels to promote some remix product. In this case it’s an album of re-versions of Edinburgh production duo Jazz Spastiks’ The Product LP which consisted of effortlessly dope phat, jazz-influenced boom-bap hip-hop hook-ups with quality American emcee legends such as Ladybug Mecca (of Digable Planets fame), Apani B

JAZZ SPASTIKS: The Product (2014)

The Product Jazz SpastiksThe jazz-rap vinyl resistance (or should that be renaissance) continues apace as Edinburgh-based Jazz Spastiks and Dusty Platter signings (re)-drop dope LP The Product (originally only available in cd and digital) to all the vinyl junkies. In doing so they add a highly respectable contribution to the recent spate of such material from Kista & Glad2Mecha, the Blunted Astronaut label (and

JAZZ SPASTIKS: Move (feat. APANI B-FLY)/ Frequency (feat. MOKA ONLY) (2014)

Move Frequency Jazz SpastikzAccording to the PR, Jazz Spastiks are, “a highly gifted production duo residing in Edinburgh, Scotland. Blending their love of Jazz with Hip Hop, they make nothing but pure head-nodding, neck-snapping beats.” Which is true. But is there scope (see what I did there?) for lyrical enhancement? As it turns out there is. First up is a veteran emcee known for her Native Tongues-ish ’96 single