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DJ MONEYSHOT: Jehovah’s Witness (DJ Moneyshot’s Boot) (2011) Free download

Heads up as Moneyshot cracks one out for Christmas here in the shape of Jehovah’s Witness. Far from being someone who knocks on your door with a copy of The Watchtower at an unreasonably early hour of a Saturday morning while you’re still suffering from the night before, this Jehovah’s Witness is a combo of J-Hova a.k.a. the Jiggaman a.k.a. Jay-Z’s Izzo beat and one Roots Manuva’s

DJ ANGELO: Jay Z vs. Fine Young Cannibals – 99 Problems (‘Crazy Cannibal’ mix) – Free download + Video

DJ Angelo follows up his Monie Love/ Dizzee Rascal mash with this cheeky splicing of the biggest wallet in hip-hop and the finest widow’s peak in the whole of 80s pop. The result is that on 99 Problems (Crazy Cannibal remix) – DOWNLOAD HERE Jay Z becomes funkier and Roland Gift and friends acquire something of an edge – though it’s probably safe to say that they don’t know about this. Sssshh! What’s more, not only can you download this audio cocktail gratis but there’s a video as well for your viewing pleasure. Some people just can’t help giving…

DJ Angelo – Myspace