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JASMINE KARA: Blues Ain’t Nothing But a Good Woman Gone Bad (2012)

Swedish/Persian singer Jasmine Kara finally gets a physical UK release for her debut album with it’s Marlena Shaw-referencing title Blues Ain’t Nothing But A Good Woman Gone Bad then. And when I say ‘finally’, this must have been kicking around for anywhere up to two years behind the scenes since official videos for two album tracks were up on Youtube a year ago and another one was up a year

JASMINE KARA: ‘In The Basement’ 45 (2011)

Rating: ★★★★★
With various funk labels spewing out the white boy jazz funk in the last couple of years there was only really one thing for the label best known for that insidious practice to do. Start releasing dirty soul and funk. Thus it is that I find myself not only praising an Acid Jazz release but also comparing this cover of Etta James and Sugar Pie DeSanto’s classic