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JAMES BROWN: It’s Too Funky In Here (CHARLIE BEALE Regrooved) (2016) Free download

James Brown Charlie Beale Regrooved Its Too Funky In HereLady punters jonesing for disco when you’re in the middle of a funk set? You need to sort that shit right out and fast! And Charlie Beale has the best solution since DJ Rebel dropped that JB’s Need Some Money rerub back in April. Say hello to Beale’s regrooved version of the Godfather of Soul’s late period 1979 hit It’s Too Funky In Here – oohh – give me some air. Now less funky and

JAMES BROWN: Soul Power (DJ REBEL mix)(2015)

DJ Rebel Soul PowerWas this inspired by the epic opening to HBO’s Mr Dynamite documentary featuring the mighty Godfather Of Soul in 1971 doing a blistering live version of Soul Power flanked by Bobby Byrd and backed by two very hot chicks in afros dancing on a podium apiece behind him? It turns out it wasn’t as DJ Rebel hasn’t seen it – but don’t think that means this doesn’t light a fire under the studio

GET ON DOWN PRESENTS: For The People Pt. 1 (2015)

For The People Pt 1 James Brown Get On DownDo it sound good? Do it feel good? Well if it sound good and it feel good then it’s musical, ain’t it? And if it look good too, then, it’s a collector’s 45 box set of some of the most famous singles ever dropped on the minister of the new super heavy funk’s very own People’s Records imprint ain’t it? In a deluxe limited edition embossed box set no less. Yes, it’s deluxe reissue label Get On Down

BASEMENT FREAKS: I Feel Good With This Hip-Hop (James Brown vs. Dead Prez) (2014) Free download

I Feel Good Hip Hop Basement FreaksIs it me or has it been a while since Basement Freaks dropped a booty mash? Anyway, here’s I Feel Good With This Hip Hop as he blends the dead Godfather of Soul with the living Dead Prez. That’ll be Dead Prez’s Hip Hop ‘pella mashed with a loop from and occasionally other snatches of I Feel Good then. Unusually (for the ghetto funk era), the temptation to whack a by-the-numbers synthetic