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THE ALLERGIES: Going To The Party/ Utility Man (Vinyl 7″) + video

THE ALLERGIES: Going To The Party/ Utility Man + videoRating: ★★★★★ Who was it, less than two months ago who speculated that The Allergies’ Lyrics Born-featuring, Promised Land LP cut, Going To The Party, might be, “A future 45?”. Oh yes, it was the monkey and as a prediction, it was ‘all the way right’ which isn’t a bad description of the boys’ new 7″, the A-side of which is, of course, peak-time funky hip-hop throwdown, Going To The

GIZELLE SMITH: Agony Road/ Riot Cars

GIZELLE SMITH:  Agony Road/ Riot CarsMighty Mocambos singer Gizelle Smith drops two new cuts off the spring’s Revealing album with the release of the moody Agony Road and the even moodier Riot Cars – a.k.a. that LP’s opener and closer respectively. The former is powered by a driving funk beat featuring guitars and a lyrical exploration of the seven stages of grief. The latter opens with creepy FX that gradually fade into

SAM REDMORE: On The One (Vinyl 7″)

New Jalapeno signing Sam Redmore is all On The One on his debut 45 with Renegade Brass Band and emcee/ poet Mr Auden Allen. Is this a celebration of the rhythmic structure of the funk or a call for racial unity? Turns out it’s both – or maybe we should say ‘all one’ to those concerned. Expect frantic rolling drum breaks, Latin percussive and piano stylings and more brass than a barful of comedy soap opera landladies. Man, that is a lot of brass. Should certainly have punters behaving in the desired manner, again, not unlike a barful of comedy soap opera landladies. Turns out an album follows in the spring. Watch this space.
(Out now (digital)/ Pre-order vinyl for shipping 19 November on Jalapeno Records)

THE ALLERGIES: Promised Land

Looks like it’s time for yet another new single from The Allergies in the run-up to their forthcoming fifth (already!) long player and this time it’s title track Promised Land. A gospel-ish style breakbeat number a la Moby’s Play LP, this drop employs a simple rugged breakbeat, plenty of electric blues fuzz guitar, and mixes up a female gospel type hook with block party shouts and

THE ALLERGIES: Move On Baby/ Are You Ready (Vinyl 7″)

THE ALLERGIES: Move On BabyRating: ★★★★★ It’s another massive single from Bristol kings of the funky breakbeat dancefloor, The Allergies, who put the moves on you (baby!) with new 45 – er – Move On Baby b/w Are You Ready featuring Andy Cooper and Marietta Smith. The first of these suggest the boys’ have taken careful note of previous successes at filtering their uptempo party breaks sound through a Latin

SMOOVE & TURRELL: Beggarman (Ltd. Vinyl 7″)

Smoove & Turrell may have released their debut LP Antique Soul all the way back in ’09 but it appears the clamouring for wax copies of that LP’s third single, Beggarman, still haven’t let up – naturally because the song is an irresistible call to the soul dancefloor.  Lyrically it was a call to keep spirits high in times of hardship and it is telling that while the word ‘austerity’ might have

GIZELLE SMITH: Better Remember/ Miss World

Better Remember Miss World Gizelle SmithGizelle Smith’s creative renaissance continues with new digital double A-side Better Remember and Miss World. Musically, both cuts are still recognisably funky and shot through with wah-wah guitar, soulful basslines and syncopated drum breaks. Lyrically however, both cuts depart from Smith’s earlier and more personal experience-focussed lyrical content instead taking a reflective

THE ALLERGIES: Lean On You feat. DYNAMITE MC/ Working On Me (Vinyl 7″) + video

THE ALLERGIES: Lean On You feat. DYNAMITE MCLean On You? Working On Me? If you sense a collaborative or even transactional theme emanating from the track titles of the new Allergies 45 maybe it’s a reflection of their lockdown year success. On the one hand, they provided musical joy when times were bleak while on the other, they were rewarded with A-list playlist inclusion on BBC Radio 6 and a number of

GIZELLE SMITH: King Of The Mountain

GIZELLE SMITH: King Of The MountainGizelle Smith proves she’s queen bee with this inspired psych-soul interpretation of Kate Bush’s 2005 number King Of The Mountain. Out go all the wafty art-rock-isms and pantomime dame vocal mannerisms of the original and in come nasty synth, a rolling drum break and Smith dextrously throwing that soul voice around more than usual to create the monkey’s favourite track of hers to

THE ALLERGIES: Jumping Off b/w Gather Around (Vinyl 7″) + video

THE ALLERGIES:  Jumping Off b/w Gather AroundRating: ★★★★★ There are less than thirty days to go before the worst year in recent memory is consigned to history and the big question is – ‘Is there time for The Allergies to squeeze out one more 45 before it’s lights out on 2020? Looks like there is! So gather around for the party is jumping off! Or rather say hello to Jumping Off b/w Gather Around – less track titles than descriptions of what