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SILVER HERMIT: 5 Element Clones (2015) Free download

5 Element Clones Silver HermitAnyone remember back in the days of tape-trading when you were so desperate to get your hands on that album that you copied a copy and ended up with a recording where the hiss was as loud as the music? Or when you borrowed your mate’s original cassette and copied it on some sketchy tape player where the motor hum was so loud it was picked up on the recording with similar results?

JADE PALACE GUARD: Assault On Pokeep: 2976 (2014) Free download

Assault On Pokeep Jade Palace GUardRating: ★★★★★ Fresh from the success of the summer’s Crate Rebellion LP comes the underground production alliance of the Jade Palace Guard with their latest martial arts/ sci-fi epic Assault On Pokeep. Well, I say ‘epic’. It has 13 tracks but it’s only twenty eight minutes long. It thinks big though and shows the same proclivity for boom-bap hip-hop with a sci-fi/ martial arts

DEEPCRATES, JADE PALACE GUARD: The Crate Rebellion (2014)

The Crate Rebellion Deepcrates Jade Palace GuardIf you dig the trashy lo-fi production ethic of Doom and Lord Beatjitzu, kung-fu samples, the ridiculous epic sci-fi narratives of Deltron 3030 and the arty DIY fanboy merchandise and extras typical of the Hot Peas And Butta crew, rapper Deepcrates and production outfit Jade Palace Guard have got a treat for you. Enter The Crate Rebellion, a forty-five minute, fourteen track concept album