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ITCHY BASTARDS: Another State Of Mind EP (2014)

Another State Of Mind Itchy BastardsItchy Bastards scratch around in the sample barrel for something with which to adorn their tightly produced three-tracker Another State Of Mind EP and turn up a remarkably catholic selection of acapellas. This results, for starters, in none other than Eddie Van Halen jumping up on the opener and title track. Middle cut, Lovers Rock, finds the IBs exploring Chudy and Warson territory (or

ITCHY BASTARDS: Take You Higher EP (2013)

Let’s play association. International men of mystery, Itchy Bastards have a new EP which is set to Take You Higher. Sly Stone’s Take You Higher (sampled on opener Make Money) was a song about the uplifting effect of music and nothing at all about Stone’s colossal intake of drugs. Drugs cost money. Money is the topic of another track sampled by Make Money – Double X’s Money Talks. Talking is


Calling yourselves ‘Itchy Bastards’ has an air of masochism about it doesn’t it? Who in their right minds would open themselves up to endless haemorrhoid and crabs gags – unless they were getting off on it? There you are laughing it up about how ‘on the hole’ you’d never stoop to humour that low or sniggering about how you ain’t telling no ‘lice’ when you say that their Keep Movin’