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MONGRELS: Attack The Megalith (2017)

Attack The Megalith, hip-hop, Invisible Spies, Mongrels, SebashAttack The Megalith finds a stoned circle of producers taking up the remix ropes for last year’s underground hip-hop monolith – entitled er – Attack The Monolith, by Mongrels – a.k.a. Kid Acne, Benjamin and (more often than not) New Kingdom’s Sebash. Hashfinger, for example, sands a few of the rough edges off Full Moon for a more contemplative vibe, TPL’s Man From Atlantis goes

MONGRELS: Attack The Monolith (2016)

Attack The Monolith MongrelsBack in the 90s, rapper Kid Acne and deejay Benjamin were Mongrels from South Yorks. (South, South Yorks!) who made a series of demos and half-finished cuts featuring frequent contributions from New Kingdom rapper Sebash a.k.a Sebastian Laws who was (if not from the South Bronx, the South, South Bronx) actually from New York City. And yet for one reason and

MONGRELS: Full Moon/ Half Moon (2016)

Full Moon Half Moon MongrelsHere we go again, straight outta Chapeltown. Well, I say ‘Chapeltown’ – actually I don’t know where Kid Acne is based in Sheffield but one thing’s for sure – his Mongrels outfit keeps it, “old school screaming.” New single Full Moon/ Half Moon is the follow-up to their recent You Dig Raps? drop and Burgundy Blood hook-up …In The Pop Wilderness and is driven by a neck-snap drum break