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INNEREYEFULL: Night Of The Living Bass Bins

INNEREYEFULL: Night Of The Living Bass BinsNeither shuffling nor moaning or rotting (nor indeed a Public Enemy remix) it’s new single Night Of The Living Bass Bins from Cornwall’s Innereyefull. And if you want a sense of what that sounds like, think of an instrumental version of The Specials’ Ghost Town being channelled through a prism of the subtler end of late 90s big beat. That’s right, echoey guitar skanks, mournful

INNEREYEFULL: Summer Soul (2016)

Summer Soul InnereyefullInnereyefull get out their bid for summer anthem 2016 with this Craig Charles-supported slice of woozy, summery soul groove. What to call it though? Ooh – I know! Summer Soul! Yes – that sounds right for something occupying the intersection between 70s Bill Withers and 90s soul outfit Freak Power whose singer, Ashley Slater, coincidentally also features here – though as