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BAZZA RANKS & IMAGINE THIS: That StuffIn a departure from his more usual dancehall-oriented drops, Irish bass don Bazza Ranks hooks up with Kiwi emcee Imagine This for some of That Stuff – a decidedly bass-heavy slice of hip-hop which manages to combine label Bombstrike’s penchant for both twenty-first century breaks and that ol’ boom-bap. Surely there are only two directions remix crews can head in then? WBBL

PULPFUSION: Funk Never Sleeps EP (2015)

Funk Never Sleeps PulpfusionRating: ★★★★★ Pulpfusion comes bursting out of the stalls for January with 7-track wax EP Funk Never Sleeps and brings along MorrisChestnut for extra production, Lorenzo Medici for sax action, Kiwi rapper Imagine This for some vocal action and remixers Rory Hoy, DJ Maars and Jayl Funk for some – er – remix action. Good lord! That’s the sort of line-up that should be read in stentorian

CEDAR SENIOR & IMAGINE THIS: Funk I’m Kickin EP (2013)

Rating: ★★★★★ Scour Records stride into the ghetto funk/ hip-hop hybrid arena with their first ever artist-focussed, all original EP, from B.C. producer Cedar Senior and emcee Imagine ThisFunk I’m Kickin. And it is – ain’t no half-steppin. The original kicks it pulsing bass-wobble, Father Funk kicks it restrained and moody wobble (somewhat against type), J-Sound kicks it funky

FUNK FERRET & IMAGINE THIS: Apply The Pressure (GFD04)(2013)

Stop children, what’s that sound? It’s the bass-wobble-hip-hop noise of right now. We’ve seen a few things in this line recently and I predict the floodgates will open in the next twelve months. Funk Ferret & Imagine This‘s Apply The Pressure is essentially ghetto funk with a real live emcee on it. It’s the sort of thing that has the potential to bury the shite-awful David Guetta