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ILLVIS FRESHLY & CHARLIE BEALE: Killin’ It (Free download)

ILLVIS FRESHLY & CHARLIE BEALE: Killin' It (Free download)It’s been a minute since we’ve heard from either of them but here’s Charlie Beale with Victoria, BC outfit Illvis Freshly and they’re Killin It.’ Can you expect a fusion of funky drums, blues-funky guitar that occasionally fully rocks out and party-rockin bars? I think so – not that you’d expect anything less from a team-up between nineties hip-hop and nineties guitar music-melding Illvis Freshly and UK

FEATURECAST: ‘Shout It Out’ album (2016) + exclusive premiere of ‘Shout It Out’ feat. ILLVIS FRESHLY

Shout It Out FeaturecastIn 2012, Featurecast was pretty much the only person to have released anything like a full-length album which embraced the broad church of sound that has come to be known as ‘ghetto funk’ with his excellent LP Run For Cover. Four years on and – er – you can still count the number of artists who have released a full length ‘ghetto funk’ album on one hand, despite the genre’s obvious