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THE LEGION: The Lost Tapes + ‘For You’ video(2014)

The Lost Tapes The LegionRating: ★★★★★ The Legion’s in the area and I don’t mean Royal British- or French Foreign- either. Nope, it’s vintage hip-hop o’clock as Chucky Smash, Molecules and Cee Low bring you no fewer than twenty unreleased nuggets of that grimy Bronx sound on The Lost Tapes.

Back in the day these D.I.T.C. affiliates were signed

THE LEGION: Straight Flow/ Automatic System (2012) + video

The who? What do you mean you’ve never heard of Black Sheep-affiliated South Bronx boom-bap crew The Legion? Yeah alright – they weren’t exactly high profile back in the day but as banger Straight Flow (originally recorded in 1995 underlines – that probably wasn’t The Legion’s fault. Probably? Of course it fucking wasn’t – it was all about the label foundering on the rocky