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SOUL SUGAR feat. BOOKER G & BLUNDETTO: Cool Down + I Want You Sly & Robbie remix

SOUL SUGAR feat. BOOKER G & BLUNDETTO:  Cool DownSoul Sugar’s latest single, Cool Down, provides a taster of what to expect on their forthcoming fourth album, Excursions in Soul, Reggae, Funk & Dub, and if it’s anything to go by that’ll be a very sweet main course. Soul Sugar bandleader Guillaume Metenier has not only co-produced this track but roped in fellow countrymen Blundetto (for the guitar), Blackjoy and – er – himself, under

EKLIPS: ‘I Want You’ video (2017)

EKLIPS:  'I Want You' videoYou may recall back in December hearing news that French beatboxer Eklips had an album, Lips, coming out this spring on Radio Krimi. And you may recall that the news was heralded by the EP B4Lips which despite having all the presence of a multi-track vocal and instrumental recording, was in fact the product of Eklips’ vocal chords alone. Marvel once more then man’s talents as the first