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LONE NINJA feat. RAY VENDETTA: Concealed Position (Prod. BLAQ MASQ)

LONE NINJA feat. RAY VENDETTA: Concealed Position (Prod. BLAQ MASQ)The ongoing partnership of emcee Lone Ninja and producer Blaq Masq continues with new single Concealed Position featuring kindred spirit Ray Vendetta (possibly not his real name) of Triple Darkness who joins forces with our heroes in for a new onslaught of verbal combat. Like ninja costume, Blaq Masq’s beat this time eschews frills for dark simplicity, with relentless boom-bap

LONE NINJA (prod. Lord Beatjitzu): Trapdoors & Secret Passageways (2013)

Rating: ★★★★★ Hankering after lo-fi martial-arts-referencing beats and deceptively simple lyrics that whisper through your defences like a shadow warrior’s blade? Look no further because Lone Ninja is back with new LP Trapdoors & Secret Passageways. Lone who? Indeed. The Brooklyn-based rapper is so underground he probably doesn’t know his own true identity. Now

LONE NINJA: Rogue Agent (album)(2012)

He’s an underground rapper, he hides behind a pseudonym and he keeps his identity a mystery while displaying rhyme mastery. He’s not DOOM. Nope, Daniel Dumile is no longer the only mysterious bastard on the block – now there’s the ‘shinobi of secrecy’, Lone Ninja, a man who shuns the cult of personality for his nom-de-guerre and a black balaclava. I say, ‘now’ – actually it